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Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah!!

Lingerie scandalous!! haha.
     Wow....let me just say that this post is long overdue.  I actually went to Savannah TWO weekends ago, and I actually started blogging about it the day I got back, but then this strange illness fell upon me called back-to-school-itis took over my entire body, and I didn't finish.   And then when I tried to finish my post last week, after i hit "publish" I realized blogger had timed me out and erased the entire rest of my post!! Really?!  So, anyway, needless to say I was so mad...I'm just now getting back to it! :)  But at least looking back on all these fun pictures and memories makes me happy!  I have to say....going back to school after such a fun girl's weekend getaway was SO hard!! It was really tough to get back into the swing of things.  I miss the beach already!! :) 
   So...two weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending my friend Angela's Bachelorette party in Savannah, GA.  She is getting married in October, and I have the honor of being one of her bridesmaids.  On Friday, Angela and I met up with the two other ladies in the bridal party to carpool down to Savannah.  We met downtown, piled all of our stuff into the back of Tory's Explorer (coolers, beach chairs, suitcases, and more..which Tory so efficiently arranged for us) and hit the road. And of course I had to make some bachelorette cookies for munchies on the drive down, hence the corsette cookie Angela is holding here! :)  The next best thing to wearing lingerie is eating it, right?! haha.
       After we checked into our beautiful hotel, the Hyatt on River Street, we decided it was time to get the party started!  First, we went to Wet Willie's for a fun drink to beat the heat, which worked!!! :)
  Then we strolled along River Street and window shopped in all the cute little shops and stores.  And, of course we stopped in for a sample of pralines....duh.  Gosh those things are good!  I also found the cutest little gold clutch purse to take out Friday night for only $17. It had a strap and just enough room for my phone, camera, and some cash/ID/credit card.  Check, check, check!  I love little purses, but they are never big enough for a phone AND camera - yes I still take pictures with an actual camera.  I'm old fashioned....what can I say?  But this little thing was perfect.  I also fell in love with these cool and colorful lantern things in one of the open markets! It was all I could do not to buy one for my classroom.  They had a green and blue one that would have matched my colors perfectly... but I restrained myself. I've already spent my limit on my classroom, says my husband. :)  How cool are they, though??  After shopping, we headed back to the hotel to get dressed up for dinner.  I think we clean up pretty nicely, huh? :)

  So, Angela's sweet sister in law, Laura, was awesome and had pretty much everything for our trip planned out, which I loved.  I am definitely a planner and like to research the best hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. ahead of time when I go to another city, so I totally appreciated that she had everything kind of laid out.  She did her homework for sure and made sure we got the most out of our time. Friday night we ate at Fiddler's Crab shack.  We ended up landing a beautiful table on the porch overlooking the river.  And the views were breathtaking.  The Savannah harbor is just gorgeous!

Here is me and the bride at dinner!

Of course we had to bust out the veil after dinner!! What's a bachelorette party without a veil?  We did, however, pass on making Angela wear the all too typical light up hot pink bachelorette sash and the other shall we say
accessories! Haha.
We try to keep it classy!
Why does it look like we are photoshopped into this picture?? haha.

 After eating dinner and admiring the gorgeous sunset over the harbor, we went to the famous Lulu's Chocolate Bar. heard correctly. It doesn't get any better than that, right? This picture below is what I imagine would be on the daily menu in Heaven.  I haven't found any Biblical references to back this theory up....but I'm still working on it. 

  I decided to partake in the White Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cheesecake.  I actually made a big exception for this cheesecake.  It should have thanked me.  I've been doing really good on my Gluten Free kick.  But this cheesecake was SO NOT Gluten free....oops. 


     In addition to the A-MAZING cheesecake and other decadent desserts, Lulu's features a huge selection of chocolate martinis.  There were drinks sporting names like, "Mint Chocolate Chip Martini," and "Snickers Martini."  I decided upon the "Milky Way Martini" and it indeed tasted just like a Milky Way!  Hats off to you Lulu's!!  You impressed one of the world's worst Chocoholics!!  Well done.

      When our server at Lulu's found out that Angela was getting married she brought out this adorable chocolate work of art!!  How sweet....and tasty!

   We are a rather good looking group of gals, huh?  :)

        When we had thoroughly satisfied our sweet tooth, we went line dancing!  Whoo hoo!!  Now, just to clarify... most of the line dancing consisted of us running around the dance floor trying to catch on to the steps that all the other well-seasoned line dancers were doing with ease and/or watching Angela rock it out (she's quite the line dancer...or at the least WAY better than any of us were!). But there was some very skilled Wobblin' that went on. :)  And I even talked to a person that went to Irmo High School too!  Randomness.

    On Saturday, we got some breakfast and headed to Tybee Island for a beach day!  I was in charge of the snacks - such an appropriate task for me, too!  The beach was packed, which meant so was the parking spaces, so it was a feat to find somewhere to park.  But once we scoped out a good spot, we busted out our snacks and spent the day basking in the sun and enjoying the occasional dip in the ocean.

       When it was time to go, we realized how far exactly our parking space was.  It's amazing how much further distances seem when you're carrying loaded down coolers, beach chairs, and beach bags.  So, of course, we were forced to stop at Wet Willie's again to cool down during our long trek back to the car.  I honestly do not think we would have made it without our fruity refreshments to give us a boost... :) 
Holy moly...can you say BEACH HAIR??!
       When we got back to the Hyatt, we got ready for dinner and headed out for our 2nd night out on the town!

          Our first stop.... the rooftop bar at the Bohemian hotel. This place was incredible!! The dark wood, eclectic artwork, and interesting lighting, etc. just make this spot so much fun. I love the oyster shell chandeliers!! 

       After drinks, we went to the famous Old Pink House restaurant.  I was so excited we got to go here because I had been eying this place the last two visits I've made to Savannah.  My husband and I came to Savannah on our first vacation together, and thought about coming here, but we ended up not.  I was so glad we went though, because the food was amazing!!!  I had this incredible pecan encrusted chicken with sweet potatoes and collard greens.  Yum!

     Our next stop was the piano bar, Savannah Smiles.  I would not consider myself a "bar" kind of girl, but I think piano bars are a blast!  I think I like them so much more because people come to them for the music, and not just to sit around and drink.  No where else is it acceptable for people to belt out tunes at the top of their lungs in a public place.  How great is that!?
      When we walked into Savannah Smiles, I could tell we were in the right place.  It was Bachelorette Central!!  There were at least 6 other bachelorettes in the crowed. We fit right in... :)  Another bachelorette even came by to congratulate Angela, and we got to snap a pic!

We also took what I thought was going to be a cute group picture....until we looked at it! Really?

       As our night ended, we got to enjoy the beautiful lights on the harbor.

        We grabbed some breakfast on Sunday morning and then headed back home.  We had an awesome weekend and celebrated a wonderful lady! We love you Angela! :)

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