Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Sister's Engagement Party

     Well hello there little neglected's been awhile since I've written.  School has started back and things are just crazy!  I am loving my sweet 2nd graders, but things have been stressful.  Changing grade levels is always hard.  So...needless to say...I am already exhausted from staying late hours at school, and then coming up and staying up late doing more schoolwork.  Things will get better though... Anything new is always challenging at first. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has been very supportive and encouraging.  :)
The happy couple!!
     But, I have been happily distracted lately from the stress of work with all of the exciting new happenings in my sister's life!  My wonderful sister, Laura, is getting married in just a little over a month to her amazing fiance Bruce.  I am sooooo excited for her, and so honored to have the opportunity to stand next to her on her wedding day as her Matron of Honor.  My sister is truly one of the most amazing people I know.  She is a pillar of strength, grace, and perseverance....and if anyone deserves to find their true love, it's her.  So I am so happy for her!!
   It's also been a blast attending all of the events for her wedding, including the fabulous engagement party that Bruce's brother, Brent and his wife, Cherise, threw back in July.  When I walked in the front door of Brent and Cherise's home in Atlanta that evening, all I could think was, "This party looks like it was literally taken straight from of a Pinterest pinboard!!"   It was gorgeous!!  From the the decor - every last detail was perfect!  Everyone had a great time, and the happy couple was definitely honored during the celebration.  I had meant to blog about the party a while back and kept getting busy and forgot, so I'm so excited to finally share the pictures!  Laura's friend, Butch, offered to take pictures at the party, so some of these photos are courtesy of him.  Thanks Butch!

   Here is my sister, Laura, and her fiance, Bruce, with Bruce's brother and his wife, Cherise.  They were so sweet to offer to host Laura and Bruce's engagement party.  They did a great job!!

Here Laura and I are on the back deck at the party.  I love this picture...  
I would die for this beautiful outdoor fireplace!!

My dad, mom, and sister talking with guests at the party.
Laura with her friends Butch, Christine, Jeremy, and Brian.  They were a blast!!

Me, my sister, and my mom and dad with Laura's friend Krista.    

A little photo shoot fun!! Haha.


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